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Garrett Hill




Zero Skateboards, Zero Wheels, Fallen Footwear, Altamont Apparel, Theeve Trucks, Ashbury Eyewear, Skateboard Sak, Primitive Rideshop


Los Angeles, California


Garrett Hill can be described as wanderer, cowboy, stranger, collector, eccentric, friend, stylistic icon, gentleman, designer, inventor, and mason. He is well spoken, well read, well bred; Garrett Hill is gentry. Though his outward appearances are ever evolving, his demeanor remains the same. Garrett has worn the guise of Mohican, scrapper, thief, socialite, cavalier, and jester, but the man will not strip of the outfit and armor of skateboarding. In fact, perhaps it is somehow deeply and mystically engrained in his muscle and bone, because he takes the words “I-am-a-skateboarder” seriously, and they’re said sparingly, but with honesty and underlined certitude. There are no questions about it.

It has been said that Garrett’s skateboarding has always reflected his stature; it has now ripened into something clean, long, lean, and polished, broad and sweeping, like a condor.  Tricks are executed with a sort of loose and masculine grace, seemingly effortless, always cool. He lends his talent to his sponsors and contests (namely the Maloof Money Cup and X Games) with serious conviction and great loyalty. His humble success and his development as an athlete can be attributed to Hill’s skating under the watchful eye of his infamous mentor, Jamie Thomas. He has also developed his skill amongst the comradery of greats, skating alongside Andrew Reynolds, Chris “Cobra” Cole, Elissa Steamer, and others.

Garrett Hill is a proud Los Angeleno, who was born and continues to reside in the city of angels with his hairless hellhound, Icky Thump, skating with his teammates and his dapper brother, Gantry.  Hill travels a portion of the year to skate, taste, and hoard trinkets from some of the most interesting places on the globe: Ecuador, Turkey, France, South Africa, Italy, and many more. He will gladly tell you of his travels and adventures, should you ask. And it, simply wouldn’t be fair to end such a biographical statement as is, so here goes: Hill’s unsavory habits and deplorable flaws include an embarrassing affinity for Harry Potter trivia, mutiny, a notoriously slow pace, and an incessant forgetfulness when it comes to removing his hat indoors.